Beauty Challenge: Rock Festival

Safe to say I’m further away from ‘rock chick’ than David Mitchell is from being an acid-tripping hooligan (okay, slightly dramatic). I am no Eagles-aficionado, and though I did grow up on Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones, I have certainly deviated from the path my old-rocker-Depeche Mode-loving father set me on. I’m more ..hard electro grunge, meets Barbie and unicorns, ya feel?

Anyway! One of the lovely beauty bloggers I know has decided to set up her own net of gals to do weekly thematic challenges. So, week #1 is ‘Rock Festival’, and you can do a response in the form of beauty and make up, an outfit (either of your own or on polyvore) or flatlay, or basically whatever the hell you like! That’s how I like my challenges: flexible.

Here’s my make up look!


I went for a strong but natural brow, thick winged eyeliner, blood lips, and gold tones. I also popped a spare horseshoe septum ring on my bottom lip and stuck my tongue out a lot. Unintentionally, my outfit also worked out: black oversized tee (that I wear as a dress) with wolves howling at the moon from The Mountain, gold septum ring from Tribu, and long gold necklace with crystal from Topshop. Wings and hair for retro vibes (like good rock, right? Something about the olden days?), metal in face for general badassery, vamp-y big dark lips. I went for golden tones because ‘golden oldies’, and also it just suits me better.

I think this is definitely an ‘inspired by-‘ look, seeing as if I were actually at a festival, I’d most like be completely makeupless, or at least well-waterproofed, and have my hair in a very messy ponytail!

Read on for a how-to and the products used ~

Products Used

 ..because you know it takes products (and a good filter) to go from a blotchy before to a HELL YEAH! after photo. See below for exhibit A. 


Soap & Glory – Archery DIY Brow Bar
Maybelline – eyebrow pencil in brown
Maybelline – Shadow Eyeliner in gold

I brushed out my eyebrows, and used only the blonde powder (no wax or brown powder) from the Soap & Glory kit to lightly fill in my eyebrows and to make them stand out a little bit more. I used the brown eyebrow pencil to underline them, and then brushed the colour through them. To add another dimension, and to continue along the Rock Festival theme, I drew through my eyebrow using my gold eyeliner, and brushed the colour and glitter through them. I did this as a last touch (not seen in the photo below).


Estee Lauder – Sumptuous Extreme mascara
W7 – Light Toasted eyeshadow
Soap & Glory – Supercat eyeliner
Soap & Glory – It’s About Prime eyeshadow base

I used It’s About Prime to form a base over my eyelid, and smudged it up and outwards to my brown. Using the colour Cracker as a base colour, I built up a gold halo using Twister, and used DiDi and Delilah to darken the edges and add a little bit of smoke. The thick cat eye suits me best, compared to more delicate and curved wings, so I went for that!


Benefit – High Beam
Beauty UK – blush in Upper East Side
Sephora – highlighter in Rose Gold
Topshop – contour cream in Sweep
Coastal Scents – contour palette
Rimmel – Lasting Finish foundation

With my foundation, I went for full coverage. Using my contour palette, I used only the darkest and lightest colours: the brown at my hair line, to the outside of my eyebrows, along my jaw line, and under my cheekbones; and the white along the bridge of my nose, my T-zone, center forehead, and the tip of my chin. I use High Beam along my cheek bones, and then use a mix of blush and powder highlighter to blend the dark brown into my cheeks. 

The above photos are to show my highlighting in different lights. If you’re into strobing, then I’d really recommend the Benefit High Beam. There’s nothing subtle about it, it gives you just this gorgeous silver sheen.


Soap & Glory – Supercat eyeliner (or uh, sometimes lip liner)
Sephora – cream lip stain in 03


Because I’ve moved, I’ve only got a minimal (‘minimal’ being a subjective term) amount of make up with me, and no dark lipsticks! So, I improvised. I used the Supercat eyeliner as a lipliner, and blended it in with my Sephora lipstick.

Absolutely loved creating this look! I had so much fun, and the eye makeup is something I’d actually wear on a night out, though it is very bold. I’ll have a fresh challenge to share next week, and I’m already excited about it. If you’d like to get involved, comment below and I’ll get our admin to invite you to our little Facebook group!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend as much as I am 🙂 xx


5 thoughts on “Beauty Challenge: Rock Festival

  1. Love the lip stain! I found a very similar beauty bargain last week – the MUA Lip Lacquer from Superdrug. It’s like a dupe of Lime Crime but it’s cruelty free and only £3! 🙂
    Your hair looks beautiful!


    1. Oooh that sounds wonderful! I’ll have to look into it. I’ve had a couple products from MUA, including one of their matte lip stains (though, in bright orange, I don’t know quite what I was thinking haha! Bit brave for me), but the quality was fantastic!
      Thank you so much, you’re too lovely 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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