Feeling Younger: Lush Skin Tint

I had my first ever, proper Lush experience a couple of weeks ago! It was at the new Lush on Oxford Street, and initially we’d only popped in to goggle at the bath bombs (I ended up buying three, oops!) — but I couldn’t help myself! I never can when it comes to make up and pretty displays. And, the one thing you really begin to underestimate is the power of just good customer service. People who work at Lush seem to be on par with angel goddesses from bath and body heaven. I had managed to lose my boyfriend and was knee deep in testers when a gal appeared at my elbow going “please let me do your make up! It’ll be totally free, and I love it, so it’s fun for me too!” — and who the hell’s going to say no to that. We ended up chatting for a solid half hour, talking about travel and exes and in-laws, about make up, about how I should be a model because of my height and bone structure (“but I’m not thin?!” — “fine, a catalog model then!”)

I left in love. In love with Lush, more in love with the shopping experience (I am a die-hard shopper), and in love with this make up wizard angel goddess woman. I also left glowing, and with this skin tint as a new beauty essential.

Initially I was surprised by the bright white — however, as soon as you begin to blend it out, its tone transitions to a rose gold.

Below: you only need a minimal amount of this! I’m not wearing any other make up in the photo, though you can of course use it over foundation, blush, and in conjunction with other highlighters. I dot it on my cheeks and spread outwards, and use it to highlight the bridge of my nose.

For these photos and close ups, I used it on the back of my hand. Below you can see the high-shine. Close up, it seems silver in the natural light, but from further away you can see that it’s more reflective, rather than having its own colour — this gives my skin an all-over glow, naturally changing depending on the light.

The pot is a little thing, easy to slide into a handbag (not that you need it — this stuff is long lasting, it really doesn’t need touching up) or travel bag, and small enough to even take on the plane.

Below, the back of my hand under the yellow-tone of my room light. This is also a full four hours after applying it! In this light, it seems rosy and glittery. When I woke up the next morning I, no joke, still had a shiny sheen to my hand. This stuff does not budge, which is incredible considering how easy it is to blend.

And on my face itself, outdoors in natural light (and this was after several hours wear, no primer or setting spray): 
Absolutely recommend this, as a versatile highlighter that can colour match (both skin tone and the make up beneath it), that’s easy to use, long-lasting, and excellent quality.

The skin tint is available online, as well as in store, and retails at £12.

Happy Friday night! Xx



7 thoughts on “Feeling Younger: Lush Skin Tint

  1. Hey there, I was wondering on how you set your pictures on your feed kinda thing because they always looks really nice and not stretched also when you link them. I was wondering on how you did it and then didn’t have it on your post?? Thanks A x


    1. Hey! I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing right, but: my photos are always really big, dimension wise. I take them on my phone, and when I edit them (Afterlight, Vscocam, and for grids I use FrameUrLife) I always save them in the biggest size possible. And because they’re so big, when WordPress sets one of them as a featured image (like, the photo you have on the reader) it still looks good as they haven’t had to stretch it – because it’s such a big photo already. I use the WordPress app to draft a lot of my posts and add my photos to posts, and occasionally that acts up, in that even if I delete a picture from inside the post, it sometimes’ll still show up as the featured image on the Reader — so that’s totally accidental! Setting your own featured image though, that’ll just show up on the Reader and on your front page, but when you actually click on the post, it won’t show up. Like, the Rock Festival post I did the other day – I made a banner with the post title, set that as the featured image so it’d be on the Reader, but when you go into the post it’s not there anymore, which is what I wanted! So featured images are good 😀 I hope this is at all helpful, it’s very ramble-y xx

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