Retro, Neon, Polo

And that’s a yes from me. A big fat gorgeous yes to these killer vibes! (Sorry, I mean vibezzzzz**)

Top — vintage find from What Goes Around Comes Around, Camden

Jeans — Topshop (here, but I don’t recommend them now, as they’ve changed the design and quality has apparently really gone downhill. If you find secondhand ones from ’13-’14, go for it, I wear mine everyday and have had them over a year!)

Boots — Doc Martens (here, though mine are very secondhand)

Septum ring — Tribu (here)

No make up: armed only with last night’s mascara. And, accessories novice that I am, no jewelry or even bag, oops ..but a really cool tshirt to make up for it!



Congratulations, you’ve made to the end of the dorkiest damn photos.

Super casual outfit. Docs and high waisted black jeans are easy staples, and tend to be on my body for the vast, vast majority of my day. I’ve never really gone for a polo before, but was surprised to really enjoy wearing it. I felt like I needed a matching sweatband, or like I was going to spontaneously burst onto a tennis court with high socks. I’m into that. This outfit just radiated fun vibes, and I couldn’t not smile whilst prancing around in it.

Love you all! X


One thought on “Retro, Neon, Polo

  1. I love your shirt and I can see the fun vibes or better yet, “vibezz” lol. I like the different colors! By the way I noticed you recently followed my blog and I wanted to let you know I’ve changed platforms if you’re interested, I’m at now, just for a heads up. Have a great day by the way 🙂

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