Still the 70s, Still Loving Stripes

Yes, hello, it’s me banging on about stripes again.

We know Woodstock vibes are in, that flares and burnt orange have returned to the hangers, that suede and suedette (complete with ratty tassels) are back. Stripes, however, are always in. They’re a basic staple. So, how can I argue that they’re suddenly oh-so-extra in? Well, on the most basic level: look at what shops are stocking. Lines are everywhere: in knitted fabrics, in tight pleats, in contrast binding, in square necklines, and in the zig zags of chevron.

from Cooperative

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Sunday Best

Looking for longevity! I had a Sunday lunch with the whole family and old friend, and so I wanted something that was going to outlast the warm weather, heated kitchen and the cooking, hours of conversation and eating and drinking, and that wouldn’t look too over the top.

I opted for a more natural look, with toned down and earthier colours. I also straightened my hair (my ultimate way of saying “look how much effort I’ve put in!”) for the first time in absolutely ages. It was the first time I’d taken my Makeup Revolution blush and lip cream out for a run too, and was wonderfully impressed! Perfect colours for me. Really must do a full review!

Products used and close ups –

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Makeup Edition: In the Bin!

I’ve just moved into the new flat, had meetings 11.30-4.30 yesterday, we still have no wifi, I had my appointment with my surgeon and was told I couldn’t walk for another six weeks – so. I needed to de-stress. And there is nothing that calms me out more than culling my possessions. I love clearing out. I donate, I Depop, I eBay, and I bin.

After getting all my stuff out of storage, I was reunited with the bulk of my make up collection, and this morning I decided to get it sorted out. I’ve been swatching lipsticks and foundations, trying to remember just how many years ago I bought certain products, and have all my brushes out for cleaning.

I had a couple of sorting piles: my make up case (favourite products went straight in), a testing pile (things I hadn’t used for a while but could still be rediscovered as keepers, and things I wasn’t really sure about), a bin bag, and a Depop bag.

Questions to ask when sorting:

  • Does it smell funky? If it smells, in the bin. I binned my Smashbox brow liner/gel duo pen last week because as soon as you opened it it just reeked of vinegar. You don’t want that near your eyes yo.
  • Have you used it recently? If not, why not? Is it worth keeping if you’re not getting use out of it? Sometimes I have products I save for special occasions – typically my high brow brands, but I also have stuff I haven’t touched in ages because it was just bad.
  • Does it suit you? Do the foundations still match? Was the impromptu-buy lipstick a good call?
  • Is it still functional? Has it dried up or gone clumpy or separated? If yes, in the bin!
  • Does it do its job, would you give it a good enough review? I.e. does your colour corrector actually colour correct, does your concealer actually conceal?
  • Do you have other products that could replace it, is it a useless double? If you’ve bought a better version of the product, get rid of the poorer alternative.

And, a final tip, put cost aside. If something was expensive, branded and has life in it, you can sell it on. There are people who buy secondhand makeup – I’ve sold lipsticks and unused BB cream on depop, and have bought secondhand lipsticks and finishing powder, and my contour palette was secondhand but unopened. As long as it’s been cleaned, why not? A market exists. Don’t hold onto something useless just because it was expensive (and yes, I need to remind myself of this too!)

So what did I actually get rid of?

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Osterley: Photo Journal

Osterley Park and House, built in 1570, is a fabulously cared for National Trust property. Our visit, as all our visits seem to go, was poorly timed with the weather. They’ve got a lovely green with deckchairs for when it is sunny, and as all NT houses go, they have a sweet little tearoom (though their Victoria Sponge had no cream in, just jam!) and secondhand bookstore. I found the gardens to be particularly beautiful, especially as the flowers were in bloom.

Osterley has its own tube station, is on the Piccadilly line, and just under an hour out from central London. The garden is open from 10am-5pm every day, and the house is open every day but Monday and Tuesday, from 11am-5pm. Find a price list for tickets here.

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Just a fun little post to share some photos I found on uncle’s thumbdrive. So you’ll (hopefully) remember my post with the handmade crochet dresses, right? Late 60s, made by my great grandmother, worn by my aunt. If you can’t remember or you haven’t seen it before, then you can find that post here (#shamelessplug), which also has some examples of modern crochet pieces and where you can buy them.

I found the photos from when I first tried these dresses on, and they were actually from 2004 – so I was pretty close, only one year off with my:

I’d tried them on once before, when I was 12, and they fit then, so I suppose I should be glad that I’ve grown since then haha

And they definitely did fit better then, that’s for sure – my physique was a little more comparable to my should’ve-been-a-model aunty. I was pre-puberty (those days were very good to me, I have to say, I remember them fondly. Everything after year eight can suck a poo), on every sports team available, and had just done some local modelling. I was 11, which is very frighteningly half my current age. Weird.

Photos are all courtesy of my Uncle’s circa-’04 digital camera and aunty’s photography skills (let’s remember what a new and exciting invention a digital camera was back then!) –
60s Crochet Dress60s Crochet Dress260s handmade crochet dress

That last one for a fun comparison!

Hope you’ve had a lovely start to your week, all. I’m moving back to London tomorrow to get my cast off (!!) and so have had to schedule a couple posts to keep things up to date for the rest of the week. I’ll be moving into the new flat, too, which I am beyond excited about! Love, xx

Rose Gold

To combat the nasty grey skies and rain we’ve been getting, I created a warm and easy-to-wear look. Sharp brows, rounded cheeks, big eyes.

I wanted this to be an easy-to-repeat look, so I kept contouring to a minimum, and didn’t use any finishing powder to avoid cake-y-ness. Everything was kept relatively simple, with products used being kept to a minimum.

Before and after, for the sake of comparison –

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Summer, and Black Fur

Outfit can be seen in detail here, sub coat. Make up details are in the same post, though I smudged my eyes here for a grungier look. Nothing like a mini shoot by the water tanks and falling-down shed! (Credit to me mam for being sah patient.)

Faux fur coat – M&S
Choker – Topshop
Top – Primark
Trousers – River Island