Somerset House


Somerset House is a know fashion hub, so dropping by for a visit (and a glass of Cava, as it turned out) meant being well dressed! The weather had taken a bit of a turn, so my thinly lined, but very trusty, orange coat did the job. An all-black outfit doesn’t necessarily need a dab of colour to help it carry (I wear enough black-on-black to know it, believe me), but with it being summer and all, I felt it was more than appropriate. Coloured coats are too lovely, anyway — I’ve also got a wonderful bright red one, which makes winter a little more bearable.

Boots – Asos
Coat – Target
Jeans – Topshop Jonis
Bag – Michael Kors
Crop – New Look

For my face I opted for a more dewey look, and was keen to use some colour to offset the all-black outfit. I leaned towards gold-based accessories, with a simple horseshoe ring in my septum, and my favourite necklace from Michael Kors.

Using GHDs I straightened my hair, and kept a sleek and simple side-parted ponytail. It’s not a look I go for often, but there’s something about it that makes me feel a whole lot more sophisticated than I actually am!

I used Nars blush in Orgasm, Maybelline blonde and brown eyebrow pencils, Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, Naked3 by Urban Decay for eyeshadow, and Sephora’s rouge in Charmer on my lips, blended with red lip liner for depth.

Hope you like it! xx


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