Breakfast Time, Best Time

Just a quick snapshot into my morning! Breakfast was quick oats (Quakers), unsweetened almond milk (Alpro), raspberries (organic) and coconut chips (Whole Foods). Filling, the right amount of sweet, and appropriate for such a picturesque summer’s day!

I was super lucky to have my boyfriend stay over last night, and it’s the best sleep I’ve had since having surgery last week. It still wasn’t great sleep (six hours at best and with the wild dreams continuing), but at least I wasn’t waking up periodically. Today has been like yesterday like the day before like the day before that: slow. Recovery is slow. It’s most painful, and being so physically limited is incredibly frustrating. Sitting on a dining chair in the bathroom, in swimwear, having your hair washed and your back scrubbed by your mum is no fun. Anyway! Breakfast was good. Caught up on cuddles. Spoke to my dad on the phone, my uncle on the phone. Napped. Read. Small scale productivity. Keeping on keeping on.


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