Review + 70s Stripes

Daisy Street Tee on Asos, £12.99

Striped tees are your standard basic, but what’s pretty big at the moment are striped tees with contrast binding! (On tshirts, binding is the bit around the neckline and the end of sleeve. Rather than just hemming it, the designers opt for a binding to keep the hemline in and hidden.) To be honest, contrast binding in itself is pretty in — Asos has some fab high neck basics in white with binding in navy, mustard and black, and they’ve got shorts of the same ilk. Topshop and, particularly, New Look and Urban Outfitters are paying heavy testament to this trend, with designs reminiscent of That 70’s Show and Napoleon Dynamite.

Topshop trim tee, BDG striped tee, Cooperative contrast jumper

So fun to style, too! Flares are making a comeback (though I’m thinking they won’t really be staying), and suede[ette] are popular go-to’s for outfits. Even if you don’t want to opt for these more retro bottoms, the shirts are still super wearable, going easily and comfortably with all shades and cuts of denim.

New Look doing stripes right!

Personally, I love it, and (if I may say so myself) it suits me. Unfortunately, the Daisy Street tee I opted for turned out to be less than impressive — continue reading to find out why!

I’d been looking for a striped shirt with binding, contrast or otherwise, for about a month before happening upon this Daisy Street find on Asos. I’d been pretty put off by prices so far, and was set on paying less than £15 (I mean, it’s a tshirt, so even £15 seemed pretty steep to me). It wasn’t until I went vintage shopping with a pal and found similar secondhand tees for £12 and upwards, that I resigned myself to “this trend is in, so I’m going to have to pay more for it, boo”.

Trend-trying in Topshop and Urban Outfitters

I’d never bought anything from Daisy Street before, though I was familiar with their name. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Asos, mostly due to the wild inconsistency of their own product’s quality and sizing. I’ve ordered a lot of non-Asos brands off Asos before, and had mostly lucked out with them (especially in comparison to the Asos own brand stuff), and with free returns I figured I didn’t have much to lose!

As a premium member (so worth it!) I get free next day deliveries, so I didn’t have long to wait to get my hands on my tee. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed!

The colours were not what I expected: the navy seemed more of a thin black, and instead of that bright primary-school yellow, the binding was more mustard. What really got me down was the quality — unlike the tshirts I’d tried on in UO and Topshop, this wasn’t a thick cotton or even jersey, but very thin and not at all soft.

I tried it on to see if I was just being nitpick-y, but I didn’t like it on either — you could see my bra through it and the binding sat tightly on the upper arms. It was when I was looking in the mirror though that I noticed another quality error. A printing mistake! There was a chunk of stripe missing from one of the front and centre stripes. A small error, sure, but one that’s once seen, cannot be unnoticed.

I sent it back, quoting ‘poor quality’ and ‘different from image on site’ as the reason codes. I’m disappointed not only by the top, but also because it’s put me off Daisy Street and I missed out on other finds because I was looking for something in a lower price range.

If anyone’s had success with Daisy Street, could recommend some fab striped tees or 70s inspired looks, let me know in the comments! Happy Friday all xx


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