Pink is absolutely one of my favourite colours, and yesterday I just could not choose which shade out of my polish collection I wanted — so I went for three! Why not.

The left hand has three coral nails, with baby pink on the middle and magenta on the ring, and the right hand has three magenta nails, with coral on the middle and baby on the ring.

I even got my toes involved, using the baby pink. I’ve only just stared braving light colours on my toe nails, and I am loving it. Last week they were baby blue! Ticking all the pastel boxes.

Now, the polish I used is from (wait for it) . . . Claire’s Accessories! Now, I shop there for cheapish belly and horseshoe rings normally, and leave it at that. But last Christmas my aunt got me a little Claire’s set of 6 mini nail polishes, these three pinks and three glittery ones (one of them is a solid silver, it’s actually magic). At first I was kind of bemused, having not really done a make up or beauty shop in Claire’s since about year eight, but I was soon to be amazed — this polish is quick drying, thick, very high shine (I don’t have any top coat on in the photos), and long lasting. I am the nail destroyer, and I have not had to touch these up since doing them yesterday.

Oh, and plus, they look positively incredible under a matte topcoat. Claire’s: not to be underestimated.


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