Coconut Mondays

Monday is such a slow burner (to be honest, most the week is — it’s the weekend that we’re after), so it’s worth having an exciting breakfast to fuel you!

Today’s was a delicious porridge with fresh fruit, unsweetened almond milk, and coconut manna.

I used: Quakers quick oats sachet (original), Alpro’s unsweetened almond milk, strawberries and raspberries bought from East Street Market, and organic coconut manna by Nutiva.

See below for more pictures, a bit of a recipe, and thoughts on coconut manna!

Quick oats are meant to take two minutes in the microwave, but I tend to enjoy them a little thicker! Instead of mixing the oats with water or milk, I use almond milk. I do take the porridge out at the two minute mark, just to give it a good stir, and to also stir in 1 tbsp of coconut manna. I then put it in the microwave for another minute.

So this is it all served up! I’ve got almost a whole punnett of raspberries there and eight large strawberries. Initially I actually used the strawberries as dippers, and that was pretty delicious, but I then returned to how I normally eat raspberries with porridge — by completely stirring them in!

I love the colour, the taste, and the consistency. The only thing is that you do risk getting lots of little seeds in your teeth haha! Using unsweetened almond milk means the raspberries give a little bit of sweetness, but also a little bit of bite – which the taste of normal almond milk normally covers up. Almond milk, raspberries and coconut are basically a match made in heaven — though using only a tablespoon (the jar recommends two) makes the coconut taste a little more subtle.

So — coconut manna, what gives? It’s basically coconut ‘butter’, and unlike coconut oil it’s basically just puréed coconut meat (so it’s not totally fat!) Remembering though that coconut oil, whilst pure fat, is actually super fab and the right kind of fat that can be easily used as energy and isn’t as like to be stored. So, you would not be doing stir fries with coconut manna! Instead you’d be putting it in smoothies, baking with it, using it (in small amounts) as a yogurt substitute with fruit snacks, and so on! Coconut manna also has fibre and low amounts of essential iron and other goodies.

For me, I’m here for the taste. Just as you’d use any other condiment, in small doses and to really accentuate the flavours of your food. Just because something’s been branded ‘good’, it doesn’t mean it’s calorie free or that you’re able to eat it liberally! If you’re looking for actual recipe tips and things to use coconut manna on, look no further than the Nutiva website, they’re super on the ball. And, if you’re still interested, the fab soul The Primalist has done a review and investigation into Nutiva’s coconut manna, and has even made their own coconut butter – so give them a visit too!

Happy Monday everyone!


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