Sunday Morning Riceshakes

Good morning my loves! Well, almost good afternoon really. The sun is shining, my fan is on and window open, blinds blowing in the breeze. I’m currently bed bound with my leg elevated on a pillow pile, but there’s never been a time when I couldn’t enjoy a Sunday morning.

So what did I have for breakfast today? Something incredibly simple, fresh, and delicious —

Two x bananas + 250ml chocolate rice milk — blend it gooooood!! — enjoy a 1/2 pint of thick, rich chocolatey goodness!

Not quite a thickshake, but dairy free, full of natural sweetness (especially if you’re using particularly ripe bananas, as I have) and delightfully filling.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Riceshakes

    1. You’re totally welcome! I just saw your recently reviewed some peanut butter, and was wondering if you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods — I’ve currently got some almond butter and peanut butter from them, and you can literally grind it yourself in store, nothing but nutty goodness! Anyway 😀 thanks so much for commenting and following!! X

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