Here’s the low-down, my loves. 

I’m having surgery tomorrow, and that means I’ll be spending the next six weeks in bed, and then another two weeks being partially mobile. What does that mean for you? It means you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me, that’s what! I’ll be writing for the Global Health Society blog, continuing research and doing readings for next semester, and have a lot of time to think — so you may get some deeper stuff. But, mostly, you’ll get some fashion and reviews! The last three weeks I’ve stockpiled photos of clothes, and turned my poor boyfriend in a personal photographer. A couple of images have already ended up on Instagram, but I’ll be revisiting them, sharing a couple more, and going into a little more detail.

What you can expect, in more exact terms (and because writing a list like this makes me accountable!):

  • Thoughts on Monki, and my most recent purchases
  • Topshop Flagship and how the only redeeming part of it is the basement
  • My love/hate relationship with Asos
  • Syon Park, review and visiting tips
  • Osterley, review and visiting tips
  • Vintage finds RE: Camden
  • Vintage finds RE: Broadway Market
  • How to jewellery?? I do not know (this will be a rubbish post of me going ???? the whole time)
  • Reviewing my blending sponge foam thingo!!!
  • Gallery recommendations for the summer
  • 36 hours in London: how I showed Hannah to have a properly fab time
  • Reviewing Cinderella and discussing what it was like to be in a box
  • Wahaca and my current Mexican food craze 
  • And why it’s taken me so long to discover my love for Zara

Lots of outfit posts, too. I’ve had a look book for almost a year and done nothing but creep on Londoners on it, so maybe it’s time to upload a couple pictures too! I also ran my own website at one point and spent most of last week trying to revitalise that, and played with making a new one, so maybe I’ll return to that and have a bit more of a play.

Schedule something to go up tonight perhaps, but if not, then you’ll probably hear from me at the end of the week. Though it’ll probably be me complaining about how much pain I’m in, standard really xx


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