Well, Shucks.

It feels like months since I’ve checked in, not less than two weeks. Time’s a funny thing. Attack of the Clones is playing in the background, and for once the window’s open. It’s been hot — deathly hot — here, and I can’t stand it. Heat turns me into an utter grump-monster, and I’ve taken to being naked even more than usual and subjecting myself to cold baths.

What have I been up to? Surprisingly perhaps, lots. I’ve had my final results back from university and have done quite well indeed, I was asked to do research within my department (no mean feat for an undergrad), my role as Academic Officer is going well with one Open Day already attended, one Widening Participation event visited (and which I ended up speaking in), and another Open Day approaching. I’m on my third fictional book of the week, unwillingly impressed by Hugo’s Kindle. We’ve hit up the old haunts and made new favorite places: the BPAs at the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, MeatMarket, the Cereal Killer Cafe, lots of niche pubs, markets (Broadway’s become a fast fave), and visits from friends. We’ve been down to Bristol, too. Feeling particularly cultured, and whilst that doesn’t always come with a cost, my bank account’s definitely feeling it. Thank god I get London wages for the Open Days.

Things I need to do, and things I need to share with y’all:
– Scan those documents, fill out those forms; our real estate agent is getting angsty
– Call the hospital as the letter confirming the new date of my surgery still hasn’t shown up
– Order the cutest stripe tee known to man because um, yes
– Move more photos over to my laptop so I have a stocked up drafts folder! I’ve got lots of things to say on the subjects of culottes, Topshop on Oxford St. (yeesh), Lush and my first ever bath bomb, my recent vintage finds, and how I’m dealing with and preparing to deal with my upcoming surgery and recovery
– Post two text books on eBay because every bit counts right now pls and tq
– etc. Totally missing something off this.
– Maybe go on and on about giant couscous more, that might be cool for everyone. And how I’m faring without kale and my blender (poorly); how I’m faring living with my boyfriend and his two flat mates and one toilet (very poorly. Due mostly to their moldy shower curtain and one of them just loves fancy ass cured meats that he then doesn’t eat and the just mold ?? and he doesn’t throw them out ?? or eat them ?? please why Anthony why etc.); how I’m faring with living out of a suitcase (poorly. Though less poorly since I decided that buying new things was a good alternative to actually paying my storage facility a visit..).

Anyway. I’ll sort my images out so I can make something exciting about culottes! They’re just too cool for their own good.


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