One Face, Three Looks

For this post, I kept the same make up on for all three looks, but changed my hair and top.

Why? Because I enjoy having a good play with make up (made especially worthwhile now I have somewhere to dump the results — *waves to you, dear reader*) and I desperately love taking photos of myself. Sorry not sorry.

The first, hair inspired by the Suicide Squad promo photos that I can’t get enough of:

top is vintage, choker from Topshop

  Second, retro Miley vs. Lizzie McGuire.

top from Monki, choker from Topshop

 And third, an everyday, more-put-together look with my new favourite top.

top from Asos

I can only hope you enjoy this half as much as I did creating it!

A how-to for the make up –

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Somerset House


Somerset House is a know fashion hub, so dropping by for a visit (and a glass of Cava, as it turned out) meant being well dressed! The weather had taken a bit of a turn, so my thinly lined, but very trusty, orange coat did the job. An all-black outfit doesn’t necessarily need a dab of colour to help it carry (I wear enough black-on-black to know it, believe me), but with it being summer and all, I felt it was more than appropriate. Coloured coats are too lovely, anyway — I’ve also got a wonderful bright red one, which makes winter a little more bearable.

Boots – Asos
Coat – Target
Jeans – Topshop Jonis
Bag – Michael Kors
Crop – New Look

For my face I opted for a more dewey look, and was keen to use some colour to offset the all-black outfit. I leaned towards gold-based accessories, with a simple horseshoe ring in my septum, and my favourite necklace from Michael Kors.

Using GHDs I straightened my hair, and kept a sleek and simple side-parted ponytail. It’s not a look I go for often, but there’s something about it that makes me feel a whole lot more sophisticated than I actually am!

I used Nars blush in Orgasm, Maybelline blonde and brown eyebrow pencils, Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, Naked3 by Urban Decay for eyeshadow, and Sephora’s rouge in Charmer on my lips, blended with red lip liner for depth.

Hope you like it! xx

A Bounty Inspired Breakfast

Basically pudding for morning time! Chocolate rice milk based quick oats, extra rice milk stirred in after three minutes in the microwave to thin it a little bit, and organic coconut chips on top.

It has the consistency of one of those premade Rolo or Dairy Milk puddings, except with oat-y bits in! It’s incredibly rich, made more so by the coconut chips. They add texture and more fibre, but also incredible taste. Comparable to a less synthetic, and much higher-end Bounty chocolate bar (in pudding form, of course)!

Happy Lipstick Day!

Just a quick goodnight post to showcase some of my favourite lipsticks in honor of Lipstick Day!

I whipped my collection out as soon as I found out (thank you to Stash Matters for posting about it here – otherwise I’d never have known!), and decided to pick a couple of my loves to photograph. As you can tell, my collection’s pretty diverse – from baby pinks to dark cherry, tomatoes to black; and all kinds of brands, too! Three favourites I did not photograph were Illamasqua’s “Box” (because it’s dry and gets on my teeth, but that colour though~), Suqqo in 10 (absolute dream, but photographs similarly to Sephora’s rouge in Charmer), and L’Oreal’s Color Riche in 116.

The five I’ve photographed are:

  1. Sephora’s cream lip stain in 03
  2. Chanel’s Rouge Allure Gloss in Pirate (19)
  3. Dior Addict’s Fluid Stick in Artifice (639)
  4. Sephora’s rouge in Charmer
  5. Illamasqua’s lipstick in Pristine

Enjoy! X

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Baby Blues

I had a pretty big online shop at Boots the other week, and one of things I found and just wouldn’t let go of was a £2.99 blue eyeshadow palette by Collection.

Note the “1”, “2” and “3”s, to try make building up a look easier.

I was pretty skeptical of the quality, particularly the pigmentation, but figured I didnt have all that much to lose by trying it out. I have a couple eyeshadow palettes and they’re all neutrals and nudes, so I felt like it was about time to branch out. Plus, I hadn’t worn blue make up since year 8 (Helen’s 60s party, I remember it vividly ..unfortunately), and I would like to think that my application technique has improved somewhat.

I investigate the palette and it’s brush, blend the colours, and create a couple different looks below. Keep reading!

(Or if you don’t want to keep reading: the palette’s worth its low price, and the variety of shades means you can have a variety of looks, as well as putting a coloured spin on a smokey eye. And if you’re after a solid silver-based highlighter but don’t want to invest in a more expensive or bigger palette, this is a good call! Does need a primer or fixing spray though, as its comes off quite easily, and the brush is rubbish so chuck it!)
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Travel Tag!

Paris, the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

I was super excited to be tagged by Nicky over on La Joie de Livres (check her out, she’s an incredibly accomplished writer and traveler!), but have actually been awful and taken my own sweet time to get this done. Oops and sorry for going off the grid! For a 22 year old, I think I’ve been ever so privileged to have done as much travelling as I have: born in England, immediately moved to Germany, back to England, to Malaysia, to Australia, back to Malaysia, and finally back to England (ta-da that’s me now). Travelling in South East Asia was my equivalent to the British going to Cornwall, the South of France, and Majorca — flights with Air Asia being [often much] cheaper than the domestic train or even bus tickets there.

In this post I answer a whopping 11 questions, share pictures from my more recent travels, pose my own travel questions, and then tag anyone who may be interested. If I haven’t tagged you and you’d still like to do it, by all means do, and comment with the link so I can check out your answers and read all about your adventures!

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Breakfast Time, Best Time

Just a quick snapshot into my morning! Breakfast was quick oats (Quakers), unsweetened almond milk (Alpro), raspberries (organic) and coconut chips (Whole Foods). Filling, the right amount of sweet, and appropriate for such a picturesque summer’s day!

I was super lucky to have my boyfriend stay over last night, and it’s the best sleep I’ve had since having surgery last week. It still wasn’t great sleep (six hours at best and with the wild dreams continuing), but at least I wasn’t waking up periodically. Today has been like yesterday like the day before like the day before that: slow. Recovery is slow. It’s most painful, and being so physically limited is incredibly frustrating. Sitting on a dining chair in the bathroom, in swimwear, having your hair washed and your back scrubbed by your mum is no fun. Anyway! Breakfast was good. Caught up on cuddles. Spoke to my dad on the phone, my uncle on the phone. Napped. Read. Small scale productivity. Keeping on keeping on.