I’m in dire need of giving social media some space. I need a detox: take my phone, my laptop, chuck it away, see how I fare. 24 hours, that’s all I need. Do it. Dare ya. Double dare ya.

I blocked my way through last weekend. Unspoken ultimatums as history began to unknot itself, and slink its way across our shoulders. I am tired still, and heavy, but less so now. Perhaps its the exhilaration of new diagnoses or the reconfirmation of old ones that approaches. Maybe it’s learning that I couldn’t be cuddled last night, because my shoulder blades were too pointy and were hurting him. All of the above. Creeping down the scale, glad that Easter’s over and all the shops nearby are too small to stock anything reduced.

Job hunting, assignment crunching. Helping the boyfriend with job hunting and assignment crunching, too. Not enough lie ins. Not using my day planner enough – I’ve been forgetting things again. Perpetually worried about money. So worried about money. Worried about the fact I’ve been cramping up but my period has yet to show up. Yeesh. Things to blog about.


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