time out / hello again

yoga to do and kale to eat
smoothies to blend and outfits to tweet

depop to update, ebay to unfreeze
nice to stay ahead of the media craze

sales to make, money to save,
trips to go on,
time to escape.

an update in rubbish ‘poem’ form.

Happy days, all. It’s been a while. I’m notoriously rubbish at keeping even the closest of friends in my little loop, never mind a media platform.

I didn’t talk about Hugo’s birthday (February), Valentine’s Day (February), or my birthday (a week and a half ago). Very poor form indeed-y. Main things? I am very poor, which is usual; I have a sewing machine, which is new; and, well, that’s probably just about it. I had a very frustrating International Women’s day, but had a number of truly wonderful and stimulating gender-theory based classes in the days following, which was highly redeeming. My grades are quite good. Struggling to balance waning mental health with self care and academics, but it’s easier than before. Financial insecurity terrifies me, as does joblessness. The internship hunt is relentless. The fields that I’m interested in are so exclusive, so options seem limited. My to-do lists are becoming overwhelming, not helped by the fact that I’m struggling with tasks like getting dressed and doing dishes. Never mind calling up to get my national insurance number sorted, registering to vote, or saving an easy (haw haw) £600 pounds.

I didn’t mean to come on hear and have a whinge, but there you go. You get what you get. I’ve got 101 photos of recent make up looks, so tomorrow you’ll probably get all of them in one go and then not hear from me for another two months. Love ya, xx


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