Opi Suede in Aragon

This is a particularly overdue post! A couple weeks ago, I was very excited as a gal in one of my Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell groups was selling a selection of nail polishes for just £10. The selection included two mini Ciate’s, a Chanel, and an OPI – so I was aaaall over that!

This particular OPI (Suede: Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow) is, I have since learnt, a limited edition nail polish and wasn’t launched with the main six suedes that first hit shelves. It was in Fall 2010 that this was first launched (the colour “Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow” already existed, but as a regular polish).

I was vaguely aware that suede nail polishes existed, and went into this with zero expectations.


TLDR: Absolutely stunning colour and matte finish. Relatively quick drying. Needs two coats for solid colour. BUT. And this is a biggie, it left my nails disgustingly yellow.

Pictures, progress, details and finishing comments:

To begin! Here are my pre-polish nails in all their shoddy, weak glory.

IMG_0462                              IMG_0461

With a single coat:


And second coat:


Quick tip. It goes matte very, very quickly – but this does not mean that it’s dry yet!

Look at these pretties!


Soooo pretty. Sparkly, but still matte. Sorcery.

IMG_0467                                  IMG_0472

They lasted a bit over two days chip-proof (standard for me, I’m a bit rubbish), and that’s without a base layer or top coat (I don’t have a matte top coat sadly! If you want to see a fabulous non-matte lop layer, check out these photos, they’re phenomenal!).

When it came to taking the polish off, I was in for a really nasty shock. My nails were disgustingly yellow. This photo doesn’t do it justice! I was properly appalled. I’d has a manicure just under three weeks before, where I’d had a nice treatment, and I’ve been taking special care to keep my nails and hands moisturized – so I was pretty bummed to have my hands looking like this.


As I’d bought the nail polish secondhand, I was worried that maybe it was because it was an older polish. Consulting this article though, it didn’t match any of the signs of expiration. That said, the article is specifically about lacquers, and with a matte finish, this polish has slightly different ingredients. But – if a polish is meant to last, say two years as according to The Nailette, then this would make this OPI almost four and a half years old. Oops. But does old polish even turn nails yellow, is age the cause here? I don’t know. Advice would be then, if you’re using a polish that you know is older, use a base layer!

Time to research, and time to prep a new blog post, it seems.


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