Opi Suede in Aragon

This is a particularly overdue post! A couple weeks ago, I was very excited as a gal in one of my Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell groups was selling a selection of nail polishes for just £10. The selection included two mini Ciate’s, a Chanel, and an OPI – so I was aaaall over that!

This particular OPI (Suede: Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow) is, I have since learnt, a limited edition nail polish and wasn’t launched with the main six suedes that first hit shelves. It was in Fall 2010 that this was first launched (the colour “Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow” already existed, but as a regular polish).

I was vaguely aware that suede nail polishes existed, and went into this with zero expectations.


TLDR: Absolutely stunning colour and matte finish. Relatively quick drying. Needs two coats for solid colour. BUT. And this is a biggie, it left my nails disgustingly yellow.

Pictures, progress, details and finishing comments:

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