The Smoothie Evolves

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There are a couple things I love. My little blender, for one, and meringues. And I’ve found a way to combine the two!

A delicious mix of rich vanilla yogurt (fat free), almond milk (unsweetened), baby plums, half a banana, and a hell of a lot of blueberries. The perfect consistency for a crunchy meringue, and a perfect way to balance a-little-sour, out of season fruits with something incredibly sweet.

Details below: 

IMG_0696Half a banana, a cup of blueberries, two diced up baby plums.

IMG_0697IMG_0698Dolloping in that vanilla yogurt (I used Yeo Valley’s 0% fat Vanilla)! And a little almond milk (about half a cup) over the top, just to thin it out a little bit.

IMG_0701Happy and pretty blending indeed! Poured a quarter of it over a meringue nest (a fantastic 60 calorie treat, though watch the sugar!), and the remained into a glass. The perfect sweet treat.


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