Preparing for February

This February is bringing in two new hashtags for me: #fitfebruary and #flexifebruary!

I’m excited. Like, super excited.

The first week of January saw me lose my gym membership (damn you, lack of overdraft), invest in the pedometer app ‘Pacer’ and invest in a blender. With no classes or elliptical to turn to, I’ve been painfully lazy, relying only on walking and no-bingeing. As someone whose motivation is, cue huge understatement, ‘lacking’, I’ve found it difficult to get the yoga mat out in the morning. It doesn’t help that I live with six other people and the size of my bedroom rivals that of a wannabe-socialite’s wardrobe.

Many excuses. So February has been appointed month of no excuses; the month of ‘get your head back in the game!’ No more sad memories of how flexible I was, how the scale was more pleasing and my jeans a little looser – all just a few months ago. February has no time for that.

Why wait the extra week, why not start now? Personal reasons. The first being so I have enough time to finish all the junk food that’s left in my cupboards because this miracle-working month begins. Also, money. My income comes in the first week of every month, and right now I’m already deep into my savings account. This makes reinvesting in a gym membership a little bit uncomfortable.

Goals, the plan, the whole spiel –

to partake in two yoga classes a week, one pilates class, and one core focused class; to continue my excellent run of avoiding public transport in favor of walking (though financial reasons may trump my own want of exercise here); to have one of my health based smoothies a day and to cut back on my processed foods.

My muscle memory should allow quick progress in yoga, as I was quite flexible before, and I definitely have stretching goals – all long term, and not month long. I think overall, whilst this is a month-long everyone-action-stations missions, I’m certainly looking into the future.

I refuse to set firm number goals (disappointment is the second worst, numerical obsession is the first worst) but, ideally I would like to see some progress in the form of losing weight and inches. I’m thinking three kilos, and four inches total. My body changes quickly, especially as it has been a much smaller size before.

Using insurance policy (because that’s obviously entirely legitimate haw haw haw) tests, I have deduced, or at least the diameter of my wrists have, that I have a “small frame”. Additionally, even at heavier weights I have had a thigh gap – solely to do with frame, here. So, embracing said small frame, I would like to show it off. And, you know, actually believe that is in there, somewhere.

In early summer I’ll most likely be having a second subtalar fusion foot surgery (I had my left done in August ’13, now time for the right), and judging from my previous experience, that means two months of lying on my back. I lost several kilos and a horrific amount of muscle. I was as weak as Bambi, butt-shuffling to the bathroom, exhausted after crossing the hallway.  I feel like it is necessary to get my body into the best possible position for this surgery, to recover quickly and capably, and to reduce muscle loss as much as possible.


February. Goals! Lots of goals. A notebook of goals. Food diary and exercise record to be kept, as well as photos. Come say hi on the first of February for some good old ‘before’ photos. The goal being, if I post photos publicly of me looking a bit on the dumpy side, it’ll definitely give me that added bit of motivation.

Fit February, get flexible. Pumped.


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