Polaroid Creations


Poland, December 2014. On the train back to Warsaw. A 4AM start brought us to Krakow, to Auschwitz, back to Krakow (and its Christmas market), and then back to Warsaw for a late bedtime. I’ve never had so little sleep over a four day period as I did on this trip. It was spectacular and worth every hour.IMG_0292

Again, Poland, December 2014. Our day spent roaming the streets of the Old Town, Warsaw. We had the spent the evening before watching the lights go on for the Christmas displays (complete with carols, mass crowd, and fireworks!), and then getting mindlessly drunk on wine.


And this, is my lovely flat (featuring me, center stage). Seven of us total, sadly missing Demi from the photo. This was the evening of our Christmas dinner! Mulled wine, Yorkshire puddings, roasted vege. The whole spiel, sub turkey! Bit out of our student price range, that.

IMG_0843Last weekend – a beautiful reunion. The photo on the left is me, Christina and Bonnie. We were the best of friends pre-GCSE, but at the end of year nine both of them moved from Malaysia. Bonnie to Melbourne (where I later moved to, and we were able to catch up and reconnect), and Christina to Bristol. Though I’ve been fortunate enough to see them periodically, they hadn’t seen each other for a whole seven years! It was all very special.

The polaroid on the right is of Hugo and me, looking very cute indeed – if I may say so myself.


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