The Eyeliner-Sharpie Equivalent

That almost sounds like a sciencey theorem.

As someone who suffers from ‘why isn’t my face symmetrical?’ and caffeine-shakes and various other make up inhibiting syndromes, the eyeliner pen seemed like a perfect invention.

AND IT IS! And it’s cheap and widely available.

I’ve been using (or attempting to use) the little Maybelline ‘Eyestudio’ pot and brush, and found it beyond nightmarish. And as I am in fact no longer 13, the thick and smudgy pencils just don’t work for me any more. So!

After massively, massively lusting after Alexa Chung’s Eyeko range, I told myself I had to get into it. See if I could actually apply the damn thing, if it would last, if I could pull it off (anyone call pull off a cats eye, c’mon), and if I’d recommend it.

All bought at Superdrug:


– L’Oreal, Super Liner, blackbuster, £6.99
– Maybelline, Mastergraphic, £5.99
– Revlon: Colorstay, liquid eye pen, £6.99

and their tips:


Before I get into details and pictures and the whole shabangabang, here is The Lowdown, in order of godawful-to-holyyyyy-shit-amazing:

The Revlon: “Colorstay” yeah, no, not really. Super thin tip and super thin eyeliner. Takes lots of layers to build a decent colour, but you can’t really do that because it doesn’t build, the tip wipes what you’ve got on there off. You have to let it dry a bit then get in there again. Time consuming, which kind of defeats the whole point. Plus the tip really is very thin, so if you do want to get a thick wing in, not going to be as easy as it could be. I literally didn’t even bother demonstrating using this, because I thought it was such a waste of my time. Excellent blogger behaviour right there.


See what I mean? Thin and grey-ish.

The following two both work well! Providing you do using a fixing spray (none of these are waterproof) and/or don’t rub your eyes like a tired hamster, which I’m prone to do. Typically whilst audibly groaning in despair. I digress. Here you go:

The L’Oreal: At first I didn’t like this, then I did, and then it really did keep growing on me. A thick tip with a nice sharp point on the end means you can do a thick body with a sharp wing. And super easy to angle. The eyeliner flows easily, and colour is thick. I usually only have to do two layers: a base one, and then one that just fills in and tidies my lines. What I really enjoy using this one for though, is lining the very inside of my upper lid, where my eyelashes are. I find it really enhances the shape of my eyes (though, it does make them look a little smaller, unless you go above and beyond with the mascara).

The Maybelline: Initially I was reluctant to even buy this one. I saw the triangle tip, instantly thought of calligraphy pens, and was like “this cannot, cannot go well”. Wrong. So easy. Surprisingly, surprisingly easy. The sharpest and most daring wing point I have ever seen! It makes me look like I know what I’m doing with the damn thing, which is a welcome impression to give. Only takes one layer, and unlike any eyeliner before, I can one-shot it. No steps, just start at the wing and sweep down. It’s cake, it’s actually difficult to mess it up (!!), and it’s such a solid colour. Super powerful look.

Now, demonstrations and details:

Making the colour as solid as possible, and using the widest part of the brush:

(Order is: L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon)


And then using just a damp (water only) cotton pad:


I saw this and was like, ah shit this is terrible. So again, repeat. SMUDGY. If you’re going to rub your eye and you haven’t used a primer or fixing spray, it will smudge. I tested out smudginess regardless of eye rubbing:

Some nice before photos of the L’Oreal, showing two different styles. The triangle, and then a thick wing:



and after a 10 hour day at uni –

IMG_7639 IMG_7640Not good. So advice: fixing spray, primer, and other precautionary measures if you want long wear.

I did the ultimate first test run with the Maybelline Master Graphic – I went clubbing. And I don’t mean nice clubbing, I went to see Doctor P in Vauxhall, I was up front, and I thrashed about and sweated and threw myself repeatedly into the metal barrier up front. And it survived.




and got bored trying to find a photo of me at the club that doesn’t make me look a bit whack, so I did and took this:




Two strokes. One for the wing and body, and one to fill in the bit where it meets the eyelid. Done. Easy. Cheaper than other pharmacy-stock brands.

10/10 would recommend.


3 thoughts on “The Eyeliner-Sharpie Equivalent

  1. I had the same issue with the Max Factor Masterpiece as you have with the Revlon. I guess its something about the applicator that just doesn’t let the intensity of the product show.
    Anyway, great post!


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